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Pill Pockets vs Cheap Pockets- the Fine Art of Medicating a Dog

20 Dec

Mini, being a little old fuzzball with a medical record thicker than the phone book, has half a dozen medications she has to take every day, each of them at a different time: one with food, one an hour before or two hours after food, one before bed but not within two hours of the one that’s given with food… It’s interesting times. The good news is, she’ll eat anything in terms of food and treats. The bad news is, she has a total of 4 teeth and can’t eat anything that requires chewing. The worse news is, she is more difficult than a cat when it comes to dry-pilling… Instead of wrestling with her three times a day, I’ve had to come up with a few tricks that make sure the pills go down at the right time and without trouble.For anyone out there who might find it useful for their own stubborn mutt, this is how it goes:

-“give with food” pills: Toss into bowl of kibble at meal time. (Mini’s food is soaked in warm water due to lack of teeth. I used to feed her canned food, but then realized that the highest quality veterinary diet in kibble form is actually way cheaper per month than the cheapest canned diet, and is a LOT more nutritious.)

-glucosamine capsule: This is gigantic, so I open the capsule and dump the contents into the kibble as well. The powder doesn’t interact with any medications, and is tasteless.

-“don’t give with a meal” pills: Hide in homemade “pill pocket”. I used to buy the actual Pill Pocket treats, which are the best invention of the decade, but here they cost almost $10 a pack. Even if I get the cat version (same ingredients, just smaller treats, so there are more per pack) I go through a hell of a lot of them and the cost adds up. So I’ve been using the following recipe:

-1 tablespoon peanut butter

-enough tapioca flour to turn PB into play-dough consistency (around 2-3 tbsp, but exact amount depends on brand of peanut butter and air temperature)

Keep in tupperware container, doesn’t need refrigeration. Just pinch off a lump and tuck pill inside. You could probably make it with regular wheat flour as well, but Mini is allergic to everything under the sun so I didn’t dare try. One batch lasts me as long as a pack of Pill Pockets, and costs literally¬† a few cents.